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industrial batteries

The following are the services we provide:

1.) 7x24 Hour Emergency Repair (24-hour hotline 215-942-8797)
2.) Full Turnkey Installations, (E, F, & I).
3.) Product Staging & Warehousing.
4.) System Burn In At Our Facility.
5.) Transportation of System to Jobsite.
6.) A Complete Log Book is Sent to Jobsite for Maintenance Records to be Organized.
7.) IEEE-450 Preventive Maintenance Contracts.
8.) IEEE-450 Capacitance Testing.
9.) Temporary Batteries & Chargers.
10.) All Work Performed on "Hot Systems".
11.) Un-interruptible Power Supply Maintenance & Repair.
12.) Battery Replacements (Popular Battery Sizes in Stock).
13.) System Moves, Changes & Upgrades.
14.) Battery Tear Downs (Battery Cleaning).

Preventive Maintenance Programs

  • IB&S's Preventive Maintenance Programs are the Customer's Choice for AC & DC Power Systems in "Critical Industry Applications"
  • Telecommunications, Computer Date Processing, Process Control,
    Switch Gear / Utilities
Program Features Benefits
Extended Power Warranty 1 to 5 year Extended Warranty on System Components
Covers All Labor & Parts and IEEE-450 Preventive Maintenance Service

24-Hour Emergency Service -365 Days per year

IEEE-450 Standards (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

Fixed "Annual Maintenance Cost"
"Comprehensive Protection"

Maximizes "System Uptime"

Highest "Quality Service"

1 Year Standard PM Program Complete IEEE-450 Service
Monthly, Semiannual, Quarterly, or Annual Scheduled Service
Covers Labor Service Cost of Scheduled Inspections

Guaranteed Yearly Renewal

"Flexibility" per Application
Minimizes "Fixed Cost" of Service

Long Term "System Integrity"

IEEE450 Preventive Maintenance Outline
Standby DC Power Applications

  • Battery Room - Appearance, Safety, Cleanliness, Temperature and Condition of Ventilation Equipment: Clean Room for Safety, Advise Customer if not per Manufacturers Specifications
  • Cell Voltage, Specific Gravity: Measure and Record each cell voltage & Specific Gravity
  • Bolted Cell Connections and Resistance: Re-torque Cell Connections and Micro-Ohm to Manufacturers Specifications
  • Cell Impedance Testing: Measure all cell Internal Impedance to manufacturers specifications
  • Corrosion on Terminals, Connectors: Advise Customer if Battery Tear down is needed
  • Cell Leaks, Cracks: Repair or Replace
  • Battery Cables: Clean, Repair, or Replace
  • Rack Integrity: Tighten as required and Notify Customer of structural Damage

Charger & Inverter Inspection

  • Grounds, Connections, Wire Insulation, and Electrical Safety: Repair as required.
  • Ammeters, Voltmeters: Calibrate to Manufacturers Specifications
  • Charger DC Output Current, Float & Equalize Voltage: Calibrate to Manufacturers Specifications
  • Inverter AC Output Current, Float & Equalize Voltage: Calibrate to Manufacturers Specifications
  • Timers, Alarm Relays, Indicating Lamps: Calibrate to Manufacturers Specifications

Major UPS Preventive Maintenance Inspection

1.) Input AC Voltages On A,B, & C Phases Measured and Recorded.
2.) Input AC Currents On A, B, & C Phases Measured and Recorded.
3.) Delta Voltage Measured and Recorded At Static Switch.
4.) Output DC Voltage of Rectifier Measured and Recorded, Adjusted If Needed.
5.) Output DC Current Measured and Recorded.
6.) Output AC Voltages on A, B, & C Phases Measured and Recorded.
7.) Output AC Currents on A, B, & C Phases Measured and Recorded.
8.) Static Switch Tested for "No-Break" Transfer.
9.) All Alarms Tested for Proper Operation.
10.) All DC Power Supply Voltages Measured and Recorded, Adjusted if Needed.
11.) Thyristors Tested for Dielectric Strength. (HI-POT TESTED)
12.) Test All Indicating Lamps, Report Any Not Operating.
13.) All Ground Connections and Wire Insulation Inspected for Electrical Safety.
14.) UPS Inside Vacuumed.
15.) Air Filters Inspected and Replaced if Needed.
16.) Input and Output Conductors Inspected and Tightened to Manufacturers Specifications.
17.) Each Battery Tested with 100 Ampere Load Applied for 10 Seconds.
18.) A Full Detailed Report Follow Each Inspection with Actions Taken and Any Recommendations to Bring System Within Manufacturers Specifications.